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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

♪Finally Here!!♪

Yessss I am finally here!!! In Ichihara, Chiba, at my aunt's family's house.

On the plane, I sat next to this middle aged man. I gave him some gum.

After twelve hours of constant sitting (and watching "The Devil Wears Prada"), we finally got into landing, and the first thing I thought, staring as the toy-like buildings and rice paddies got bigger and bigger, was "What the #$'&%#"#&%)(' am I doing here!!!????" And then I looked at the grass and knew I wasn't home anymore. More than the fact that this was Japan, and everyone speaks Japanese, and everything is written in Japanese, and everyone is Asian, nothing convinced me more than the grass.

This place, it feels foreign, but at the same time, it is not. I can read everything, speak everything, write everything, so I guess I never got over the "Oh Japan? It's just like the Mitsuwa Market, except bigger" mentality.

I landed at 4:20 but due to miscommunication, couldn't get to my cousin and uncle who came to get me until two hours later (our mothers were just... so... optimistic... my mom only told my aunt "Oh, she'll be arriving at around 4:30pm on American Airlines." No flight number, nothing else). Then we met up with Auntie and the other cousin and went out to sushi. My cousins are both girls, one is about 26 and just got married to a Coloradoan, and my other cousin is nineteen, going on twenty in a month.

The Coloradoan husband, looking at the menu, exclaimed, "Oh, there's whale!!" which cracked me up so much. I thought it was illegal!! I said.

So cousin the younger asked the both of us, "What does it feel like for Americans to be eating whale?" and the Coloradoan husband answered with two words: "Panda hamburger." (Just for clarification, Japanese people don't eat whale regularly - It's still a delicacy.)

So we got whale and the husband ate whale. We all asked with sparkling eyes, "What does it taste like????"

"Whaley," was all he said.

Anyway, the sushi was so beautiful, I was so sorry I couldn't eat all of it (as I am not a sushi person). I forgot to bring my camera. But honestly, it's art on a plate.

The pictures I DID take:

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12 hours later... Narita!!
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and at my aunt's house - this is to my IAG sweeties. Your crumbcake made it to Japan!!!!
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Going to Shibuya for a month (in Tokyo) on Friday!!! Excited.


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous ましう said...

"Whaley" is a witty remark, huh?
I'm glad that you got to chiba safely:-)

At 9:43 PM, Anonymous andy said...

AhG! Now you make me want to go to Japan more than ever (though, I don't feel any different)!!! But anyways, yeah, like Mashu said, glad to see you in Nari-I mean, Ichihara. Looks fun over there! =]

But since I've read this post, I wonder...when I go to Japan, who am I staying with?!?! Haha, oh well, I'll figure that out soon enough. Anyways, have fun over at Shibooo-ya! (Ok, lame pun, but the american inside of me had to say that, sorry)

By the way, I like that mentality, "Oh Japan? It's just like the Mitsuwa Market, except bigger", comment...quite clever, haha.

At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mokie, if I take intro to Japanese next year will you let me live with you in Japan? I don't care what I do, I will sell hello kitty items. oh! I forgot to tell you on myspace, this guy who is a chef in the kitchen at school (i have work-study) said Mushi mushi to me the other day and I laughed and he was like "why are you laughing? you don't even know what that means!" and I'm like "yeah huh, it's what my friend's mom says when she answers the phone". He thought that was hilarious.
Anyway, I am totally serious about moving to Japan. I'll live in a Zen monastery...tape my boobs down and shave my head... Show more pictures!!

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Fehnix. said...

Omg, Coloradoeans.

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Fehnix. said...

oh, this is Neva/Aven.


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah i have to call to get ticket today to walk through that places in the pics in two months...
glad to hear you and your cake made it to japan ok. hug!

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous sappe said...

sorry that was me above this !

At 6:47 AM, Blogger joto solamente said...

omgs, I want to send you something Texan in Japan.

We just started Japanese history in my Asian history class. It's interesting. Aye.

It is just getting cold here, and I was not ready for it. It's raining today, feels like Seattle.


At 7:23 AM, Blogger momo said...

くじらっぽいって何だよ!!って感じですが。笑笑笑 ♪♪

OOh, i hope you can make it here someday!!! i think it would be a good experience to visit foreign places and different cultures and stuff. why japan though??yay for shibooya!

lol i'm pretty sure i'll be back home by the time you7re done taking that class!!! but whatever, you'll figure something out, as a fellow convention hater. hahaha more pictures coming right up!!!

i know!! i seem to have a strange connection with coloradoeans!!! they're everywhere!!!

thank you <33333 もう大好き!!!はやくチケットとれるといいね

yesh, starting friday, i'll be in one place for a month, and then you can send me something texan!!! wooooot.
wear lots of fluffy things and you'll get over the winter. hopefully!!! maybe i'll send you an umbrella for your other bday present!!!!


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