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Saturday, October 21, 2006

♪Jobs - ARBEIT♪

So I got a job yesterday at a Chinese restaurant my friend who I'm staying with in Shibuya works at (oh wonderful grammar). I'm in Shibuya now by the way!!! Now if only this constipation would go away... ex-lax!!!!

I work at a coffeeshop in Amerika, and I'm used to super strict, paranoid, obsessive compulsive health codes (shilly amerikans!!!!). You need to really be on your guard to get that A rating. And let's just say... this place, if it were in the U.S., the health department would have closed it down in the snap of a crab's claw. It's not dirty by all means. Or unsanitary. It's just different from the paranoid measures that I'm used to. Watch, by the time I'm back, I'll be shoveling the ice with my fingers and rearranging the shape of the whipped cream with my hands.

I work four days a week, on four hour shifts = 16 hours
The pay = 900 yen (about $7.6/hr)

Which amounts to not nearly enough I originally planned to make.

So onto job searching for a second job!!! Many things seem appetizing, but one thing which catches my eye: Pachinko!!!!!!

Everyone says, ohh, don't work at a pachinko shop, it's dangerous, blah blah, but for me, it'll be a good chance to see Japan from unsheltered eyes. And the pay is good (at least $10 in US dollars/hr). Other objections to working there I've read online have been from people who have worked there long term, but I easily clear those, as I'll only be working for 4~5 weeks.

It's loud. It stinks like cigarettes and who knows what else. But I want to see things!!! And the general opinion of working at pachinko shops is going up... it's not the "OMG SHE WORKED AT A PACHINKO SHOP" that it used to be.

If anyone has any good advice let me know. My other option is teaching at a jyuku (most commonly translated as a "cram school"). The pay is about the same but SO MUCH MORE BORING in terms of people watching, and much too safe.

Okay so the lady I'm staying with is against the idea, as I expected. Everyone else I'm related to will probably be, too. I found this job in this karaoke chain store though... */edit*

And in about two hours, I go to church!!! Even though my dad is the pastor of a Japanese church, I realize I've never been to church in Japan. So I'm excited!! I just went on their website and checked out the program, yeah, it seems all orthodoxy with their hymns and recitation of the Lord's Prayer and such. But I need sustenance for my soul...!!! It's a church just down the street. I was going to go to TBC (Tokyo Baptist Church, a really big international church) first, but decided the way there was much too complex for me. I need to get used to the train/bus/other public transportation systems first. If anybody knows of a church in the Tokyo Shibuya-ku area with a good youth program and somewhat contemporary worship service, let me know!!! I'm fine with the orthodoxyness, yet, just... *runs away humming*

Yesh so I went!! It was REALLY orthodoxy, and everyone was like in the beginning stages of menopause. Not saying that's bad or anything. It was just different from what I grew up in. The pastor was scary. He kept talking about nuclear weapons and suffering children when he prayed. Give me church recommendations!! *wink yufu wink wink* */edit*

The last thing. This is what I've been feeling every time I see someone with a school uniform on:


That's it.


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous yufu said...

haha meeeH?! lolz

watashi sonnnani shiranai yo~.

but i'll tell you the churches i went to in Japan.

TBC ( yea i cant get there by myself even tho i went there like twice)



if you want other info, you shud e-mail jcfn ppl (ushq@jcfn.org) and they'll give you a whole buncha list :D

At 10:53 PM, Blogger momo said...

why thank you!!!!! ever so kind... <3 <3 <333333 i asked people on the sanbi commu on mixi too and they gave me great answers. shibya fukuin seems good!!! so does committed japan!!! mmmmm... thanks so much!!!!! ari ari ari ari arigatou!!

At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god....does your pink bunny have a weiner that he;s jabbing about? I totally just noticed that. Mokie, Ew! haha. Anyway, good luck church and job searching. Or as mrs. nau would say "yab searching". I wuv you.

At 3:21 AM, Blogger momo said...

no, it's not a weiner, it's another little bunny head that looks like one <3 <3 <3

i wuv you too!!!!! oh mrs. nau... memories...

At 9:18 AM, Blogger joto solamente said...


So, now you've finally found a country with low enough health standards that you can be a l33t food server. And to think, it's the INTP who is supposed to eventually find themselves in the food service industry.

Don't fall into a vat of oil and die, or something. These food stands sound shady.

So, do you have to act extra cute to work in Japan? I'm sitting in my Japanese sociology class right now, and they say Japanese girls must be extra extra extra girly when working in industry.

Ok, I msut go.

At 7:21 PM, Blogger momo said...

LOL thank goodness I'm a waitress and not a cook or i WILL fall into a vat of oil and die...

i dunno. girls are expected to be cute to be considered the mainstream girl. i guess it depends on which industry... hmm... must pay closer attention!!!


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