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*10/16/06 ~ 1/8/07* --> the amount of time I will be in that one weird country, as well as how long I have to figure out... at least why denim jackets look so crappy with jeans.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

OMG, new, topselling fiction right now is all like, romance between high schoolers. People read it and go "*tear tear* I remember those days *tear tear*" Seriously, Japan makes me nauseous sometimes. It's a good tourist destination because (at first glance) things are different, the fashion is awesome, the boys are hot, the traditional places are beautiful, the food is good, but I would never consider spending the rest of my life here. So many people are like "ZOMG I LOVE JAPAN OMG THE PEOPLE OMG THEY'RE SO NICE OMG ANIME OMG THE TEMPLES AND SUSHI AND OMG OMG" and I'm like... right... this is a country where 80% of the people take blood type personality typing as religion, and smoke their cigarettes like high school potheads (while stressing how important science is), and everything is a whirlwind of messy things, like how crappy people in authority deal with child abuse, and how cheating on your wife/husband is normal, and how singers can't really sing, and how crappy Japanese subtitles to English-language movies are, and how nobody in general knows what the hell they believe or live for, or stand for.

wow, I'm done ranting... sowwy


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